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Part of giving quality of life and peace of mind to the elderly is reducing the threat of germs from the equation.

We all know that a simple cold can hit the elderly harder than it can with younger people. In light of this, implementing a Germinator Safe Zone can help reduce the threat of germs in senior living centers and homes which is essential.

Click the #LinkInBio to learn how Germinator can help anyone in the senior care industry create a Germinator Safe Zone with advanced antimicrobial protection for surfaces, air, and our bodies.

#Disinfecting #Elderly #ElderlyCare #GerminatorSafeZone #Germs #Home #Sanitizing
When was the last time you took a moment to fully relax? Go back to your favorite spa and let the professionals work on those knots on your back while your mind drifts away worry-free because you are in a Germinator Safe Zone.

A space that's been tested, sanitized, disinfected, and shielded to protect against the new world of germs. #LinkInBio for more information.

#Disinfected #GermFree #GerminatorSafeZone #Germs #Relax #Sanitized #Spa
These are 6 common allergy and asthma-inducing triggers that contribute to poor indoor air quality. These particles can irritate your lungs even if you don't have asthma. But unfortunately for those with asthma, it can cause their airways to swell up, making breathing feel like it's happening through a straw.

So #ICYMI, click the #LinkInBio to learn more on how indoor air quality affects those with asthma and what you can do to make your home healthier, fresher and more hygienic.

#Allergies #Asthma #AsthmaAwareness #AsthmaProblems #DidYouKnow
MRSA's resistance to most commonly prescribed antibiotics is what makes it so dangerous. Adding to that, there are over 30 different types that can get you sick.

Click the #LinkInBio to learn all you need to know about MRSA. 🦠 Plus, we'll give you a few simple recommendations to help you reduce your risk of infection.

#Antibiotics #Bacteria #Disinfecting #Infection #MRSA #Sanitizing #Sick #Staph #WashYourHands
#DidYouKnow that one germ 🦠 can multiply into 8 million more in a day? How long has it been since you last sanitized and disinfected your home, office, car, or business? Germs could be floating and colonizing your spaces by now, don't let them! Click the #LinkInBio for 360 degrees of surface, air and body protection. It's time to reclaim the spaces and places where you work, live and play—with your own Germinator Safe Zone.

#Business #Disinfected #GermFree #GerminatorSafeZone #Germs #Home #LiveProtected #Office #Sanitized
Who Discovered Bacteria?
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#DidYouKnow Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch microscopist, discovered bacteria and protozoa in 1676? He created over 500 microscopes to view specific objects, and today, he is considered the father of microbiology.

#Bacteria #DidYouKnow #Discovery #Microbiology #Scientist
Breast Cancer Awareness
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Germinator joins this heartfelt cause. The campaign this month raises awareness about the impact of breast cancer and shows support for people affected by it. Breast cancer affects 1 in every 8 women and 1 in every 833 men in the U.S. over the course of their lifetime.

We want you to remember that being vigilant about breast cancer detection could save your life. If you notice any changes in your breasts, such as a new lump or skin changes, consult your doctor.

#BreastCancer #BreastCancerAwareness #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #Cancer #October #PinkRibbon
What Are the Top 5 Germiest Spots in Our Home?
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According to an article by CBS News, the top five germiest things in your home are:

☑ Dish sponges
☑ Kitchen sinks
☑ Toothbrush holders
☑ Pet bowls
☑ Coffee makers

#Bacteria #CBS #Disinfect #Germs #Home #LiveProtected #Sanitize #Virus
Children are our future, and their education is a passport for future success.

Let's shield our schools with 360-degrees protection from the old and new world of germs by protecting the spaces and places where they learn, live, and play within the safety of a Germinator made Safe Zone.

Click the #LinkInBio to put our future's wellbeing first.

#Children #ChildrenAreTheFuture #Disinfect #GerminatorSafeZone #Germs #Kids #Sanitize #School #SchoolBus
People are back to visiting your hotel! But how many guests still have concerns in the back of their minds about germs brought by previous guests or the common areas where they're spending their time? We can help your guests feel relaxed and safe knowing they're in a Germinator Safe Zone.

Wouldn't that be a nice edge over the competition? Offer guests true peace of mind! Click the #LinkInBio to know how you can turn your hotel into a Germinator Safe Zone—you'll be fully booked in no time!

#Disinfect #FeelSafe #Germinator #GerminatorSafeZone #Hospitality #Hotel #Relax #Sanitize #StaySafe
Germinator Safe Zone
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Children have the right to feel safe in the places they live and play. Germinator eradicates the germs that dwell inside daycares, schools, and playgrounds, utilizing the most advanced technology the industry can deliver. Let us help you create a Germinator Safe Zone for your children.

#Daycare #Disinfection #FeelSafe #Germinator #GerminatorSafeZone #Germs #Playgrounds #SafeZone #Schools
Before you get back to business, have you thought about how to open your office back up?

Many have been closed for a while, leaving you with quite a to-do list as far as hygiene goes. We're bringing company culture back but in a safer way. Protect your workplace environment with 360-degrees of surface, air and body protection and put your office in the zone—a Germinator Safe Zone.

Learn more by clicking the #LinkInBio.

#Business #Disinfect #GerminatorSafeZone #Germs #Hygiene #LiveProtected #Office #OfficeSpace #Sanitize #StaySafe #Work
Children play with their toys 🧸 without a care in the world—it's only fair that you feel carefree too. That's why Germinator uses advanced anti-microbial science and other technologies to kill germs on surfaces, in the air, and around our bodies, creating more livable, touchable Germinator Safe Zones, where you can watch your kids play with peace of mind. Click the #LinkInBio to learn how you can create your own Germinator Safe Zone.

#Disinfecting #GerminatorSafeZone #Germs #Play #Sanitizing #Toys
We Make Fitness Feel Safe Again
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Gyms have always been a common hot spot for the spread of MRSA, E. Coli, the common cold, the flu, and so many other illnesses, long before COVID. However, it's not often talked about, but it's something that we keep in the back of our minds as we go about our lives. As enclosed spaces where people take turns sweatin' it out and handling different equipment, gyms can only turn to the absolute best in the business to reclaim their facilities with 360-degree surface, air, and body protection.

Is your gym in the Safe Zone?

#COVID #Disinfect #FeelSafe #Germinator #Germs #Gyms #MRSA #SafeZone #Sanitize
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We disinfect everything around you, from the table you're touching, to the air you're breathing. So go ahead and relax—you are in a Germinator Safe Zone.

#Disinfect #GerminatorSafeZone #Hygienic #Restaurant #SafeZone #Sanitize
We're on a mission to help everyone reclaim the spaces they live, work, and play by creating Germinator Safe Zones. It's time to go back to a time when you could enjoy a movie 🎬 without worrying about germs. Ask your movie theater if they have a Germinator Safe Zone and recommend the #LinkInBio so they can get started.

#Cinema #Disinfecting #GerminatorSafeZone #Germs #Movie #MovieTheater #MovieTime #Sanitizing
With most COVID-19 restrictions scheduled to end on June 15th, health officials have been urging Californians to remain vigilant while following safety guidelines, especially unvaccinated individuals who might be acting as incubators of different strains of the COVID-19 virus. To learn more about the variants found in LA county, click the #LinkInBio.

#COVID #Guidelines #LA #Restrictions #Strain #Vaccinated
Memorial Day, Remember and Honor
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Today, celebrate Memorial Day by taking a minute of silence to acknowledge the sacrifice of all those who served in the military. Thank you, we honor you and will never forget you. 🇺🇸

#Army #Honor #Memorial #MemorialDay #Military #NeverForget #USA #UnitedStates
Everyone's relieved and excited to get back to traveling. But in the back of our minds, we're thinking 🤔, "How safe is it really to be breathing in the same air as others for so many hours?"

What if you didn't have to worry 💡!

A Germinator Safe Zone provides 360 degrees of protection for surfaces, air, and you. Ask your airline if they've implemented Germinator Safe Zones, and if they haven't, you can recommend us by clicking the link in bio.

#Airline #Airplane #Airport #Disinfecting #GerminatorSafeZone #Germs #IGTravel #Sanitizing #StaySafe #Travel #Traveling
On May 4th, Los Angeles County officially qualified for the least-restrictive Yellow tier in the state's COVID-19 reopening blueprint. As stated by a Deadline article, around 11 million people in California will be able to travel around more easily as a result. It's worth considering that LA is the most populated city in the state and was the most infected region at the beginning of the pandemic. For more information, click here the #LinkInBio

#California #LosAngeles #Normalcy #Pandemic #Reopening #Vaccine
Good news, fellow LA travelers! If you're a frequent traveler, LAX is now offering COVID-19 test results in less than an hour. In an article by @cbsla, the CEO of Los Angeles World Airports, Justin Erbacci, says LAX is once again leading the way in airport innovation by implementing a one-hour rapid PCR test that provides passengers access to dependable and accurate rapid testing solutions. For more information, make sure you head over to the article at the link in bio.

#Airport #COVID #CovidTests #LAX #LosAngeles #PCR #Pandemic
There's no time like now to reclaim the spaces and places where we work, live, and play—in a way that doesn't put our children 🧒👧, elders 👵🧓, and loved ones 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 at risk of harsh chemicals and only uses the highest quality and most advanced products and equipment.

We have to get back to living, but do so the right way so we can proactively build a more hygienic future. Germinator has been in the disinfection space for years prior to the COVID pandemic, and with the help of our scientific advisory board 🔬, we now provide 360-degree protection for Air, Body, and Surfaces with Germinator Safe Zones.

Life stood still for a moment, but for others, it never stopped, so if we're going to disinfect, let's do it the right way—together 🤝. You can create your own Germinator Safe Zone, or we can create it for you - We just want to educate on what is the right way to do things.

Want more information? Call (424) 330-SAFE (7233) to design your very own Safe Zone for the spaces and places you live, work, and play in.

#LinkInBio #Disinfect #Disinfection #Germinator #GerminatorSafeZone #Hygienic #Pandemic #Play #Sanitizing #Work
A recent story by @cbsla gives more insight regarding what to expect now that the city has expanded vaccine availability to anyone 16 and older. You can watch the full story by clicking the #LinkInBio.

#COVID #LA #LosAngeles #Pandemic #Vaccination #Vaccine
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✨Exciting News!✨ Germinator simplifies branding with help from PUSH 22 and aims to better educate consumers with new Safe Zone campaign.

Germinator and its Safe Zone will provide unique, 360-degree surface, air, and body protection for the spaces where we work, live, and play.

Germinator has also connected with SafeAccess App, a risk management solution suite, which allows enterprises, schools/academia, and event organizers to easily create and maintain health and safety policies and procedures, contact tracing, testing, digital health passports, AI-based cough signature detection, etc. These new initiatives, when coupled with the company's patent-pending sanitizing and disinfecting service, create Germinator Safe Zones that provide advanced protection for surfaces, air and you.

#Disinfecting #Germinator #LiveProtected #SafeAccess #SafeZone #Sanitizing
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Kids aren't mindful of germs and bacteria in daycares or at school, so we as parents must teach them. We also do our best to protect them from getting sick. Germinator goes the extra mile with sanitizing and disinfecting services to ensure peace of mind for every parent out there.

#Disinfecting #Germinator #Kids #Sanitizing
With several spaces reserved for second doses and authorities struggling with a supply shortage as most appointments for COVID-19 vaccines are still sparse in Los Angeles County. Now, health authorities have had to strike a balance for months between the need to vaccinate as many patients as possible, and ensuring that there will be enough vaccines to fulfill the two-shot regimen. Follow the link in bio to read the full article.

#Covid19 #Health #LosAngeles #Pandemic #USA #Vaccine
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LiveProtected and help keep unwanted guests out like germs, bacteria, and viruses from living in your home or business with Germinator!

We'll first test your spaces for microbial activity, and we'll retest them after we perform our thorough sanitizing and disinfecting services.

We're committed to helping you protect what matters most, and we'll follow up with you to retouch your spaces as part of our Quarterly Protection Program.

#Bacteria #Disinfecting #Germinator #Germs #Sanitizing #Viruses
Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting uses an HOCl solution that does not contain harsh chemicals or fumes. Essentially, it is as gentle as water. Learn more about our HOCl solution on the link in bio.

#Disinfecting #Germinator #HOCI #Sanitizing
The pandemic has reminded us that manufacturing facilities not only play a crucial part in our everyday lives but also in the global economy. We understand the importance of creating a cleaner and more hygienic environment and that's why Germinator has developed a patent-pending process that provides a new generation of microbial protection for manufacturing facilities of all sizes. To learn more about our process, click the link in bio.

#Disinfect #Facilities #Germinator #Manufacturing #Pandemic #Sanitize
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Our sanitizing and disinfecting services can create a cleaner and more hygienic environment for casinos of all sizes, so those who work at or visit your casino can have greater peace of mind. Help protect their surfaces from germs, viruses, and bacteria by contacting Germinator right now!

#Casino #Disinfecting #Germinator #Germs #Sanitizing
Spas are places to relax, let go, regain your balance, and achieve peace of mind. Provide your clients with a truly worry-free experience by choosing Germinator's spa sanitizing and disinfecting services. Learn all about it on the link in bio.

#Bacteria #Germinator #Germs #Sanitizing #Spa
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Cleaning is a never-ending battle, but the fight against germs can be won! Call Germinator to sanitize and disinfect your home or business while showing you real-time results of how we reduced the "invisible enemies" on your surfaces.

#Bacteria #Disinfecting #Germinator #Germs #Sanitizing #Viruses
In California, new concerns are being raised after two new COVID-19 variants were identified in Los Angeles and the Southern area of the state, both of which are more contagious than the original Coronavirus strain and Federal officials have cautioned that the variant could make current COVID-19 vaccines less effective. To read the full article click the link in bio.

#Covid19 #LosAngeles #Pandemic #USA #Virus
What will the future of the office look like? While some things remain uncertain, proper sanitizing and disinfecting will remain key to sustaining a clean and hygienic environment. Follow the link in the bio to find out how Germinator can service your office space.

#Disinfecting #Hygienic #LosAngeles #Office #Sanitizing
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One of the nastiest things you can touch is an infected door handle at your place of work. Let's try to keep it disinfected using Germinator's HOCl solution to aid in the reduction of cross-contamination between treated surfaces.

#Bacteria #Germinator #Germs #Home #Sanitizing #Surfaces
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#DidYouKnow that putting your earphones on for just one hour increases the number of bacteria in your ear by 700 times? Doesn't she look carefree though? That's because she called Germinator earlier.

#Bacteria #Disinfecting #Earphones #Germinator #Germs #Sanitizing #Viruses
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We provide worry-free sanitizing and disinfecting solutions because our HOCl solution doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or fumes. We're 100% focused and committed to our services so much so that we verify our work with you using ATP monitors and provide the education to make our services last.

#Bacteria #Disinfecting #Germinator #Germs #LiveProtected #Sanitizing #Viruses
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Have you cleaned your video game controller recently? Studies have shown that hand-held controllers can contain on average 7,863 germs per 100 square centimeters. That's five times more than a toilet seat, which averages around 1,600 germs per 100 square centimeters. You don't have to worry! With Germinator's EPA-registered HOCl disinfectant solution, you can have peace of mind next time you decide to play, knowing we thoroughly sanitize, disinfect and validate our work by ATP testing surfaces to ensure they're completely hygienic spaces.

#Bacteria #Disinfecting #Germinator #Germs #Sanitizing #VideoGames #Viruses
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When was the last time you disinfected your light switches, door handles and every other surface in your home? Put it in the back of your mind and let us get to work. We'll sanitize and disinfect every inch of your home with solutions that help protect your surfaces long after a day of service, and then we'll verify our work to ensure your surfaces are at optimal hygienic levels.

#Disinfecting #Germinator #Home #Hygienic #LiveProtected #Sanitizing
Is your car smelling funky and the awful odor just keeps on coming back? We have the perfect solution for you, just call Germinator at (424) 330-7233 or visit the link in bio and we'll come to the rescue! We're here to help rid your car of nasty odors and germs at the same time 😎

#Bacteria #Disinfecting #Germinator #Germs #LosAngeles #Sanitizing #Viruses
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It's easy to shrug off germs since they aren't visible to the naked eye. 👁🔎🦠 Out of sight, out of mind— we get it. 🤷

And that's when we need to be at the top of our game. 🧼🧽🎯

With our new generation of microbial protection, Germinator can help provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Whether It's in the comfort of your own home or at your place of work, our patent-pending process provides the perfect solution to help protect your environment.

#LiveProtected with Germinator.

#Disinfecting #Environment #Germinator #Germs #Home #PlaceofWork #Sanitizing
It's Not so Fungi Is It?
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Don't let fungi and odor-causing bacteria ruin your home, and let us take care of it. Our Shield solution helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria from revisiting your home or business and protects surfaces from discoloration and deterioration for up to 3 months.

#Bacteria #Business #Fungi #GerminatorLA #Home #Mildew #Mold #Sanitizing #Surfaces
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Did you know that restaurants are frequently exposed to germs, bacteria and viruses?

No Fear, Germinator is here!

Your clients need to know the place they are eating at or ordering takeout from has been properly sanitized and disinfected. Our team will apply our HOCI disinfectant solution to eliminate bacteria and viruses, followed by the Germinator Shield, which is EPA-registered as effective against mold, mildew, algae and odor causing bacteria. We're proud to do our part in creating a more hygienic environment for all.

#Commercial #Disinfecting #Germinator #LiveProtected #Restaurant #Sanitizing
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#DidYouKnow smartphones can have more germs on them than a toilet seat? Just because a surface looks clean, it doesn't mean it's germ-free. The same goes for your home. With Germinator, you won't need to worry about the invisible enemies that are blind to the naked eye. Not only will we help rid your space of germs, but we'll make your home look and smell clean too!

#Clean #Disinfecting #Germinator #Germs #LiveProtected #Sanitizing #Smartphones
Put down that deodorizer
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Germinator's HOCl Genesis solution eliminates odors caused by bacteria so you can breathe easily without worrying about harmful fumes from conventional deodorizers.

#Bacteria #Deodorizers #Disinfecting #GerminatorLosAngeles #HOCl #LiveProtected #LosAngeles #Sanitizing
Keep your furry friends happy
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Not much compares to the love we share with our furry friends. As sanitizing and disinfecting remain top of mind, do you know what's in the chemicals you're using to keep your home clean? Germinator's HOCl solution uses no harsh chemicals or fumes that could irritate your furry friends. Keep your pets happy while still maintaining a hygienic home.

#Disinfecting #GerminatorLosAngeles #HOCl #Pets #Sanitizing
Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting uses an HOCl solution that does not contain harsh chemicals or fumes. Essentially, it is as gentle as water. Learn more about our HOCl solution by clicking the link in bio.

#Disinfecting #Germinator #HOCl #NoChemicals #Sanitizing
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We know that spending all your time cleaning and disinfecting is not on your list of 2021 resolutions. But no worries! We'll help keep all your surfaces clean and free from microbial activity, and we'll verify they're protected because we always verify our work with ATP testing. Just give us a call, and we'll come to your location on a date and time that is convenient for you within our service area. Make this year about you, achieve your goals and always Live Protected.

#2021Resolutions #Cleaning #Disinfecting #GerminatorLosAngeles #LiveProtected #Sanitizing
Dr. Roscoe M. Moore, Jr. is very accomplished. He served as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (@cdcgov). He has written or co-authored over 100 publications covering a broad range of public health issues. Dr. Moore is the Founder and President of PH RockWood Corporation, which is focused on the prevention, treatment, and control of infectious diseases worldwide, and he served with the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Currently, he is part of Germinator's top scientific board and is committed to our goal of bringing you the best sanitizing and disinfecting service in the US. Click on the link in our bio to read more about Dr. Moore and our scientific board.

#CDC #Disease #Disinfecting #Epidemic #Germinator #Health #Sanitizing #Scientific #Scientist #US #UnitedStates
It seems as though the news of the vaccine rollout has made many people relax and let their guard down. @ktla5news recently published an article that states that the coronavirus pandemic is getting worse in Los Angeles, and the nation's most populous county is recording a new COVID-19 case every six seconds. Read more about it by clicking the link in bio.

#Covid19 #KTLA #LosAngeles #Pandemic #Vaccine
Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are all different. Those terms, and in particular sanitizing and disinfecting, are often used interchangeably. While cleaning regularly is important, it has nothing to do with making sure surfaces are sanitized and disinfected. Likewise, sanitizing and disinfecting are ineffective without cleaning. Click on the link in our bio to know the difference.

#Cleaning #Disinfecting #KnowTheDifference #Sanitizing #Surfaces
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